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Dawn's Video

Dawn considered HIV/AIDS Education to be her calling, and worked at it tirelessly.   As part of her work, she was in several videos.  She's no longer here to educate, but the videos live on.  Her father spent over a year putting together a DVD that we are now trying to distribute widely. 

This DVD:

bulletIs non-controversial - suitable for high-school students.
bulletHas three distinct parts - view just one, or all of them together.
bulletCovers the basics of AIDS education - transmission, progression, prevention.
bulletClearly describes what it's like to be a person with AIDS.
bulletTargets a broad audience, but is best suited for young women (several other than Dawn are featured - multiple races and creeds).
bulletTells about more than AIDS - it is also a touching story of grace and dignity in the face of adversity.  It is a challenge to all of us to live our own lives better.

Why is it only a few dollars?  Most AIDS Education videos cost much more.

Don't worry; it's a high-quality production.  It's both educational and touching.   But this video was a labor of love by Dawn's father.  The purpose isn't to make money (or even to recoup expenses - duplication isn't so bad, but video production is very expensive).  The purpose is to spread Dawn's message of education - to help ensure that her death was not in vain.  We hope that the nominal cost, in addition to partially defraying expenses, helps to ensure that the folks that receive the video will actually view it.

For more information about the video, you can:

bulletemail DawnsGift@hotmail.com
bulletcall Larry Schwitters at (425) 392-9161
bulletview KING5 TV's news clip about the video
bulletvisit the Dawn's Gift web page (but that's where you are now!)

If you want to order now, print out the How to order the video page.