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We want to thank the editors of "Family Circle Magazine" (April 24, 2001) for helping us share Dawn with America. We believe that Dawn's example of acceptance and making the best of whatever fate befalls you can be a significant life lesson for most everyone.

We also believe that Dawn's video, which we offer at cost, belongs in every American school.  This is because the video is deeply emotional--it jolts its viewers into applying what they've learned about preventing HIV infection.  The Departments of Education in Utah and Oklahoma have obtained copies for every school in their states.  It also played at last summer's World's AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa.

It may be in your local library listed as "Three Part HIV Educational Package". If not, they should be very willing to order it for you.

The video has had three professional reviews:

1. "The Video Librarian" March-April 99 says "Straightforward, up-to-date, poignant...and...highly recommended."

2. "Library Journal" August 99: says: "This high-quality program is recommended for all ages. Don't watch without a box of tissues."

3. "School Library Journal " October 2000 says on page 82: "This excellent film delivers its information with a gut wrenching blow."

And Dawn's Gift has had a great many personal reviews, a few of which are excerpted here.

Perhaps you would be interested in helping us share what is Dawn's video exit line?

"It's all about Love. Tell everybody".

You can find information on ordering the video here.

Thank you,
Dawn's Family

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